Everything you need to know about Digital Marketing

Everything you need to know about Digital Marketing 

Everything you need to know about Digital Marketing 

Position your business on the web through different Digital Marketing strategies in Medellín

The Digital Marketing in Medellin is the application of all online marketing strategies, aimed at increasing the recognition and visibility of companies on the web, and thus have more opportunities for interaction with the target audience.

What is the importance of being present in the digital environment?

The world changes and we with it; business models are no longer the same, consumer practices, as much as consumers also change, are renewed; That’s why it’s important to be alert and know how to adapt.

The internet has become a high demand sales channel, nowadays it is the second most chosen medium for advertising investment due to the immediacy and practicality that characterize it.

Through various online positioning and brand management tactics, it is possible that your business grows, has a greater sales force thus generating an emotional connection with your target audience.

Everything you need to know about Digital Marketing 

What are Digital Marketing strategies?

The digital environment has changed the landscape of negotiations around the world. Companies need to publicize their products and services, and what better way to do it, than appearing on the most used platforms worldwide today.

Social networks, search engines, and functional websites are part of these Digital Marketing strategies mentioned.

  • Social Networks: Platforms through which profiles of people or companies are created, information of interest is shared and products, services or brand identity is reinforced.
  • Search Engines: There are two types of tools to appear in the top positions in search engines, one is organic and the other is paid.
  • SEO Positioning: It is the organic way of appearing in the top positions; It is achieved through website optimization and uploading valuable content.
  • SEM campaigns: This is the paid way of positioning, it is done through Google Adwords, a tool that allows you to create different types of campaigns: display, search network or video

These are the tools that are most used when talking about digital marketing, it is very important that you keep in mind that before defining it is important to know your business and the current environment, so that you can make a right decision about what you need.

The advantage of these strategies is that the immediacy of the information makes it much easier today to close a business, ask for a product and even serve a customer

It is necessary to take advantage of all the resources brought by the new ICTs (Information and communication technologies) and the advances in powerful mobile solutions, which make the Internet an essential means of communication within the business strategy and promotion of your business.

Why are Social Networks important?

In 60 seconds, more than 67 thousand photos are uploaded to Instagram, 5 million videos are displayed on YouTube and 277 thousand tweets are published. Without a doubt, to be present in social networks is to guarantee that your information will reach your target audience and in a more accurate way.

The key for users to follow and position themselves in their minds is to offer them valuable content, interesting offers and make them feel identified with their brand, creating an emotional bond.

How to appear in the top positions in Google?

This is another stage of digital marketing, content generation. Initially, you must have a web page that meets the highest quality standards.

It must be an original, functional, usable, dynamic and attractive site; where the user feels comfortable when browsing and easily and quickly find everything they are looking for.

To be in the top positions in the search engines, you have to go to SEO positioning strategies or SEM campaigns. According to your type of business, the ones that best adapt are defined.

How necessary is having a website for my business?

Imagine a profitable advertising system that works 24 hours a day, that does not need your presence and that can store your visitors’ data, as well as telling you what your business is about, how you can contact it and the different products or services that you offer

That is precisely the function of a web page within Digital Marketing, to meet the needs of its users 24/7, to give them what they seek or ask for immediately; Also keep in mind that the cost-benefit of the digital environment is unmatched.

How does a digital marketing agency work?

Symbol Agencia Digital is composed of an interdisciplinary group of professional experts in graphic design, communication, advertising, web development, audiovisual production and much more.

What we seek is to unify knowledge that allows us to understand the behavior of consumers, to know how to attract them, what they need and what are the best ways to reach them.

Before executing any type of solution, Symbol Digital Agency does an investigation about your business, listens to your needs and the objectives you want to achieve. All with the aim of providing a comprehensive service.

We cover all the necessary knowledge to face the digital environment, proposing strategies that include the design and development of a website to the planning and execution of a digital marketing plan

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