How To Survive In Times Of Crisis? Digital Marketing

How To Survive In Times Of Crisis? Digital Marketing

How To Survive In Times Of Crisis? Digital Marketing

Until 15 days ago from the date of this article, I would have never imagined thinking as Chilean that we could be going through this bitter moment, although it had not been a good year, moreover, there was a clear economic stagnation, we were far from What are we going through now?

Today in Chile the current crisis is social, but it has become an economic crisis. The paralyzes, stagnation, and looting have slowed the entire commercialization process of the economy on small and large scales.

How to make your business survive an economic crisis?

Surviving difficult times requires strength, but even more importantly, you will need skill and precision. Here are some tips to help you face these moments of crisis or “skinny cows.”
A good sailor is not the one who knows how to navigate and stay afloat in calm waters, quite the contrary is the one who learns and knows how to overcome the most turbulent oceans. This same situation should be taken to business.
You as an entrepreneur are the ones who organize, manage and take risks in a business. But how can an entrepreneur survive a crisis as terrible as the one Chile lives today? Should you tighten the reins, close the wallet or should you do what is necessary and take risks? And if you must take risks, what type should they be? When is it too much? There are many questions to ask yourself and then make a decision.
How To Survive In Times Of Crisis? Digital Marketing
Here are some ideas and tips to deal with this or another crisis:
  1. Take a look at the box:  Reviewing this item is vital, an adequate review of income and expenses can help generate stability, it is clear that out-of-specific expenses are others. You can also make a better profit from any surplus.
  2. The suppliers queued:  A renegotiation of terms with suppliers that are not strictly necessary for the operation gives a break to the liquidity of the company, this can avoid paying credit costs, but this should not harm the operation, and hopefully not hinder the relationship with them, in crisis maybe you can find new suppliers with better conditions than the current ones, simply because of the situation.
  3. Remember current customers:  While current customers are a priority at any stage, in difficult times, it must be one of the things to cultivate more strongly, they are going through the same crisis as you, so understanding and Your help will be valued with greater reason, listening to the client and their demands can generate spaces for new ideas and new business.
  4. Look for less expensive and more effective advertising media. The digital marketing and positioning google are strategies advertising with much lower costs than traditional advertising, or traditional media, do not cut the inflow of customers, many competitors make the mistake of stopping their advertising guidelines, you do not you do.
  5. Open new markets:  In times of crisis creativity emerges, maybe it’s time to take that step you were about to take, do your international service? Start exporting? The sky is the limit.
  6.  It offers a service to luxury customers:  The last thing that should happen during crises is to lose customers. Your consumers are vital to the business during a crisis and you must fight to maintain it. It is time to be flexible and reliable. 
  7. Do not lose your good mood:  Although it is very difficult, your close ones expect you to live up to the circumstances, look at the half-full glass and be cold-headed, they are the best allies at this stage.

In conclusion, remember what Robert Schuller said: “Hard times are not forever, but strong people are.” These tips will help you stay strong in times of crisis.

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